GURPS Lite is available in PDF format from You distribute this PDF file freely under the above restrictions, and post copies of . GURPS Lite Abridged Rules by Scott D. Haring and Sean Punch Edited by PDF. * Price: Free! * Stock number Always Available – Get it for free!. LITE. Rev. 07/12/ An Introduction to Roleplaying From STEVE JACKSON GAMES. GURPS Rules by STEVE JACKSON • GURPS Lite Abridged Rules by.

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GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition) - GURPS Lite is a page distillation of the basic This 32 page PDF shows how simple it realy is to play. Original filename: GURPS - 4th Edition - Title: untitled. This PDF document has been generated by / Acrobat Distiller for. page PDF GURPS Lite is a page distillation of the basic GURPS rules. The purpose of GURPS Lite is to help GMs bring new players into the game.

Maybe some critters that new GMs can drop into an adventure right away. Go through the lists of advantages, disadvantages, skills and equipment. They do not appear in your game world, and players cannot take them. Congratulations; you have just chopped the hell out of the rules, which is exactly what you need to do to make an actual game out of GURPS.

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Get the combat mechanics down. Download Caravan to Ein Arris and read through it. You can also try on Roll20 or the MapTool fora. Try to make it fit inside his campaign description. If you have to roll some dice, roll some dice usually three of them and the GM, who actually has to know the rules, will tell you what happened.

Over time you, too, may discern the mysteries of 3d6 roll-under systems, and will actually begin to read GURPS Lite for yourself, starting you on your journey to complex-system-snobbery.

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You are doomed. Afterword Someday, I think it may be possible for player-created material to do the job that SJG has not, and that is to make GURPS accessible enough so that players might actually want to play it instead of being frightened away by clumpy lists of skills that have nothing to do with each other and fanboys debating the difficulty modifier appropriate to isolate the Higgs Boson.

It could happen. This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, at am and is filed under Pen and Paper Gaming.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. So, while my next posts will get back to the rules and tweaks that I enjoy making, I thought his post was well worth linking to, and it inspired some of my own thoughts on how to make GURPS better.

October 26th, at pm In a reddit thread I started on the topic, I proposed a publishing-level solution that is practical and removed the burden of rules reduction from the new GM, giving him a complete ruleset that works within a genre with the seeds of flexibility.

I think this makes more sense, since the reductivity of the GURPS ruleset is barrier 1 for new customers. The secret is to control the level of download in required to get their interest. Here is what I do: 1. Create worlds that work well with the players having imperfect understanding of the rules or what is going on.

Put lots of hooks in to make them fascinating and to give the players lots of space to create characters. Let them describe what their character does translate that into system for them. All they really need to know if during combat you can attack or defend.

Slowly phase in the combat rules first mainly the choices so they are making a conscious choice. Make it cool. The point is to give them some reward really early in the process. Tweak it to fit the world not the system. They are mostly being replaced with other forms of entertainment.

MMORG, movies, skype etc. Marcus says: January 31st, at am Yeah, I think Mu got the point, gurps marketing strategy, assuming they want to sell more books, is full of blunders, and he pointed them very well. Instead of focusing on lessening the hardship of gurps learning curve, fourth edition efforts were directed almost exclusively to improve the coherence of the system. For those who already used to play the game, it was great news.

But for newcomers and wannabes, it became twice as complicated getting into the game. Vyrolakos says: March 23rd, at am I was introduced to GURPS back when the basic boxed set and the Fantasy book were first released, so I had a pretty friendly introduction.

It just looks too overly complex and frankly, uninspiring. I would love to see a fully developed fantasy setting supported by multiple regular GURPS book releases.

Ah well, back to Pathfinder. At least I can find players eager to actually play that. Anything that reduces your capabilities has a negative cost — that is, it gives you back some points.

The GM decides how many character points the player characters PCs — the heroes — start with. This depends on how capable he wants them to be. Some example power levels, with suggested starting points: Feeble under 25 points : Small children, mindless thralls, zombies, etc.

GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

Average points : Ordinary folks, such as accountants and cab drivers. Competent points : Athletes, cops, wealthy gentry. Exceptional points : Star athletes, seasoned cops, etc.

Heroic points : People at the realistic pinnacle of physical, mental, or social achievement; e. Leading roles in kung fu movies, fantasy novels, etc.

This beginning point level is sometimes referred to as the power level of the campaign. A disadvantage is anything with a negative cost, including low attributes, reduced social status, and all the specific disabilities listed under Disadvantages p.

In theory, you could keep adding disadvantages until you had enough points to download whatever advantages and skills you wanted. In practice, most GMs will want to set a limit on the disadvantage points a PC may have.

A score of 10 in any attribute is free, and represents the human average. Remember that negative point values 4 mean you get those points back to spend on something else!

Most characters have attributes in the range, and most normal humans have scores in the range. Scores above 20 are possible but typically reserved for godlike beings — ask the GM before downloading such a value.

At the other end of the scale, 1 is the minimum score for a human. Choose wisely: 6 or less: Crippling. An attribute this bad severely constrains your lifestyle.

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Your limitations are immediately obvious to anyone who meets you. Such scores are limiting, but within the human norm. The GM may forbid attributes below 8 to active adventurers. Most humans get by just fine with a score of 10! When you're happy with the wealth and influence you can.

If you'd like to adjust your language and tech-level information you can.

Step 7: Advantages and disadvantages Choose the advantages and disadvantages your character has. When you're happy with the advantages, disadvantages and perks you can. If you'd like to adjust your reaction modifiers you can.

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Step 8: Quirks You can add up to five 'quirks of character', each will give you an additional point to spend, like a -1 point disadvantage.

When you're happy with the quirks you can.Note: Unnecessary followup posted.


It was all there in the basic set, mostly in Characters. Call it realism.

GURPS is absolutely not some mysterious, impossible to navigate tome of arcane rules. Competent points : Athletes, cops, wealthy gentry. A disadvantage is anything with a negative cost, including low attributes, reduced social status, and all the specific disabilities listed under Disadvantages p.

All of the skills are in a big freaking block. Leading roles in kung fu movies, fantasy novels, etc. MMORG, movies, skype etc.

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