The Hunza Health Secrets - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ABOUT THE HUNZA DIET. secrets it contains will help you regain - or maintain - what is no doubt the .. Another great Hunza health secret concerns the considerable amount of time each. Six Secrets from the Hunzas to a Long and Healthy Life diet upon which the Hunzakuts and other healthy peoples of Northern India, subsist.

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Hunza Health Secrets for Long Life and Happiness [Renee Taylor] on site. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Taylor, Renee. Did you knowthat simple lifestyle secrets practiced by people living in a secluded region of the Himalayas can help you achieve excellent. Jay Hoffman in Hunza, Secrets of the world's healthiest and oldest living people agrees with Their remarkable health and endurance was kept a secret for nearly .

The Hunza are said to not suffer from cancer, due to their consumption of vitamin b, also known as amygdalin, found in apricot seeds. Their diet also consists largely of raw fruits and vegetables, and lesser quantities of meat.

There are certain areas of the world, known as Blue Zones, with high concentrations of centenarians and longer life expectancies. Much like the Blue Zones, the Hunza live in an area of high elevation, where many work physically strenuous jobs, keeping them in peak physical shape, while breathing clean, fresh air.

The Hunza are known to practice yoga, including yogic breathing techniques and meditation. They are also said to be aware of the importance of relaxation and energy management, resting when they need to and consciously mitigating anything that may cause emotional stress. The Frank Capra classic, based on a novel by James Hilton, introduced us to Shangri-La, a paradise in which aging and illness are suspended. In the movie, an English convoy from China crashes in the Himalayas, stranding the passengers in blizzard conditions.

The crew is discovered by locals and brought to a tranquil valley where they find refuge from the storm. The citizens of this magical place are said to be hundreds of years old, free of sickness and in perfect health. When any of the characters leave Shangri-La, they return to their true age.

Hunza: Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Oldest Living

Many believe Capra used the Hunza Valley as the basis for his conception of Shangri-La, sparking the legends of longevity that subsequently surrounded the Hunza Valley. But there are also some unresolved mysteries involving the Hunza, like the origin of their language.

The Hunza language, known as Burushaski, is completely unrelated to the Indo-European or Tibetan languages bordering it. The only similarity anthropologists have connected it with is with an equally isolated and unique culture — that of the Basque region of Spain. Interestingly, indigenous people of the Basque remained isolated from surrounding cultures for centuries, preserving a language and cultural aspects that long faded in neighboring states.

The Basque language and Burushaki share as many as 70 different cognates, leading anthropologists to believe the two cultures may share a common ancestry through a Proto-Caucasian tribe.

While the Hunza are likely to have slightly longer life expectancies, it seems their lifestyle is, in fact, healthier than average, both physically and mentally.

The Hunza enjoy the lifestyle and physical labor that makes up their simple existence, and may provide us with some clues on the benefits of living a simpler life of our own. Hunza Shamanism The Hunza also have a unique shamanic history involving a story of mythological beings known as the Pari. These fairy like creatures are said to make their presence known only to a shaman, the Bitan, who is able to contact them during periodic ceremonies.

The Pari are said to live in the mountains surrounding the Hunza Valley, protecting locals from outside threats.

Shepherds say when they are herding goats at higher altitudes, they can hear the voices and inhuman music of the Pari. But their descriptions of these beings are different than the western conception of fairies.

He then goes into an ecstatic trance state, communicating with these ethereal, otherworldly creatures. All children in Hunza are breast fed. A boy child is breast fed for three years and girl child for two years. There is no specific prenatal care, and the good health of the mother is passed on to the infant It is interesting to note that in Hunza no one eats before going to bed at night. None of the people, including children, eat between meals. There are practically no cases of overweight among the people of Hunza.

Hunzans are light eaters. Their diet is comparatively meagre. They use less fat of any kind than most people found throughout the world. They have very little animal fat and no fish.

And yet there are no more energetic people found in the world and they are continually active. We are taught that the diet should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, water and oxygen.

Hunza Health Secrets for Long Life and Happiness by Renee Taylor (1978, Paperback)

However, it is doubtful that the Hunzakuts are aware of these facts. The scriptures say "Disease never comes without a cause. The way is prepared, and disease invited, by disregard of the laws of health and of nature.

Our preference for the manufactured articles-those that have been demineralised, devitaminised, denatured, standardised, pasteurised, homogenised, cooked, canned, frozen, and in other ways rendered less valuable as foods-creates dietary problems that are not adequately solved by the present reliance upon supplements and substitutes.

We go to great lengths to spoil our foods and then complain about the climate. We live on a diet of white flour products, degerminated and demineralised corn meal, denatured cereal, white sugar, pasteurised milk, embalmed flesh foods, canned fruits and vegetables, candies, cakes, pies etc. Herbert M. Ignorance prevails upon this subject, while light is shining all around them.

McCarrison noted that the neighbouring villages to the State of Hunza were addicted to white man's foods.

Healthy Aging and the Exceptional Survivor: the New Paradigm

To test his theory that foods made the difference, Dr. McCarrison began his historic feeding experiments in For the first phase of his experiments, Dr. McCarrison chose healthy albino rats, then placed them in good conditions with fresh air, sunlight, comfort and cleanliness. He chose their diet from foods eaten regularly by the Hunzakuts: chapattis made of wholemeal flour, lightly smeared with fresh butter; sprouted pulse; fresh raw carrots; raw cabbage; unboiled milk; a small ration of meat with bones once a week, and an abundance of water.

In this experiment almost rats were watched from birth to the twenty-seventh month, an age in the rat which corresponds to that of about fifty years in a man. At this stage some of the the Hunzadiet-fed rats were killed and carefully examined.

McCarrison's report was remarkable: "During the past two and a quarter years there has been no case of illness in this "universe" of albino rats, no death from natural causes in the adult stock, and, but for a few accidental deaths, no infantile mortality. Both clinically and at post-mortem, examination of this stock has been shown to be remarkably free from disease.

I have failed to find either clinical or microscopical evidence of any hidden disease. His experiments did not, however, stop here. Next he took diseased rats and placed them too, on the Hunzakut diet.

The Hunza Health Secrets

They all became well. The results startled even Dr. Then he took batches of rats and placed them in clean, comfortable surroundings and fed them the food of the people of India. The rats living on the various Indian diets, which consisted of rice, pulses,cooked vegetables and condiments were soon plagued with diseases and miseries of many kinds.

In every case the average health standard of the people whose diet was fed to the rats was mirrored in the health of the animals, including the percentage of specific diseases, and even mental condition and temper. The rats that ate the diet of the Hunzas had the same astonishing health, vitality and gentle tempers; the animals grew rapidly, were never ill, had healthy offspring, and autopsy revealed virtually nothing wrong with their organs.

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During the course of his experiments on some rats fed on faulty Indian diets, he found and listed diseases of every organ of the body. McCarrison wrote, "All these conditions of ill health had a common causation: faulty nutrition with or without infection.

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I found that when, growing rats of healthy stock were fed on diets similar to those of people whose physique was good, the physique and health of the rats were good; when they were fed on diets similar to those of people whose physique was bad, the physique and the health of the rats were bad; and when they were fed on diets similar to those of people whose physique were middling, the physique and health of the rats were middling.

McCarrison gave a set of rats the diet of the poorer classes of England; white bread, margarine,sweetened tea,boiled vegetables, tinned meats and inexpensive jams and jellies. On this diet, not only did the rats developed all kinds of diseased conditions, but they became nervous wrecks:" They were nervous and apt to bite their attendants; they lived unhappily together, and by the sixtieth day of the experiment they began to kill and eat the weaker ones amongst them.

McCarrison wrote his book 'Studies in deficiency diseases' which he said provided experimental evidence that "appeared to me to warrant the conclusion that food of improper constitution" was responsible for a large proportion of ill health in Great Britain. Our people are influenced more in their eating by advertising than they are by any knowledge of foods. They eat what has been made to taste good, rather than what is truly good. They eat foods which they know contain poisons- chemical preservatives, coal tar dyes, artificial flavourings, etc-with no thought of these poisons, and reject good foods only because they have not learned to eat them.

Seasonings, rather than flavours of foods, determine what is liked by their undiscriminating tastes.Indeed, shortly after the initial National Geographic-funded study 6 , the first population-based, comprehensive and ongoing study of centenarians began in another Shangri-La like locale, the palm-tree-laden island of Okinawa Whole grains: wheat, barley, buckwheat, and small grains.

McCarrison puzzled over why the Hunzas should have enjoyed health so superior to that of their dyspeptic neighbours. As a member of the Indian Medical Service, Dr. The Pari are said to live in the mountains surrounding the Hunza Valley, protecting locals from outside threats.

They have very little animal fat and no fish.

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