The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice by Todd Henry (free ebook epub/mobi). ebook4expert. August 13 Self-development. The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice EPUB ebook The moment you exchange your creative efforts for money, you enter a world. Learn more about The Accidental Creative in the OK Virtual Library digital collection. Title details for The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry - Available.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Mr. Henry's prescription for maximizing productivity is sagacious, innovative, and sublimely practical. The Accidental Creative is. Creative Commons: a user guide - Simone Aliprandi; Open Source Licensing .. Agile Android Software Development - Etienne Savard (PDF, epub, the Accidental DBA (RedGate, By Jonathan Kehayias and Ted Krueger). “You go to work each day tasked with (1) inventing brilliant solutions that (2) meet specific objectives by (3) defined deadlines. If you do this successfully you get.

Given projected changes in global demographics and advancing age, the management of falls and syncope and their consequences will become even more pertinent in the near future[ 3 ].

Associated Data

Falls frequently occur due to the environment or accidental events such as trips or slips [ 4 ]. These accidental falls become more common with advancing age and are often due to age and disease associated reductions in physical, sensory and cognitive function which make an individual more susceptible to environmental hazards[ 4 ].

However, some falls are not accidental but rather are due to drops in blood pressure which may lead to either balance instability or, in some cases, loss of consciousness i. Similar to syncope, non-accidental falls NAF have been linked to cardiovascular disorders with a possible common causal pathway and overlap[ 6 ].

Dynamic changes in blood pressure with higher rates of orthostatic hypotension have been associated with an increased risk of NAF and injurious falls in community-dwelling adults [ 7 ]. In addition to shared cardiovascular associations there is a higher reported prevalence of depression in patients with both NAF and syncope[ 13 , 14 ].


Despite the overlap, falls, NAF and syncope are generally reported separately, therefore studies which distinguish between them and examine them in more depth are required [ 15 ]. We hypothesise that the prevalence of all falls, NAF and syncope increase with age and share common demographic and cardiovascular risk factors.

In order to show this, we calculated the prevalence of all reported falls, NAF and syncope in a population study of community-dwelling adults aged 50 years and over and examined the demographic and cardiovascular health variables associated with all falls, NAF and syncope.

TILDA is a prospective cohort study of the social, economic and health circumstances of community-dwelling adults aged 50 years and older resident in the Republic of Ireland.

The sampling procedure and the study design have been described in detail previously [ 16 , 17 ].

Briefly, the sampling frame was the Irish Geodirectory, a listing of all residential addresses in the Republic of Ireland. All participants provided written informed consent and ethical approval for the study was granted by the Research Ethics Committee of Trinity College Dublin.

All experimental procedures adhered to the Declaration of Helsinki. Follow-up data for wave two were collected between March and March 2 year gap between waves.

Syncope was defined as at least one syncopal event in the past year. A fall was defined as at least one reported fall in the last year. Non-Accidental Falls NAF —Participants were asked if any of the falls they had experienced in the last year were non-accidental, i.

Demographic and Health Status variables—In addition to demographic variables age and sex , participants were asked to self-report any doctor diagnosed cardiovascular conditions including: hypertension, angina, a heart attack, congestive heart failure, diabetes or high blood sugar, a stroke cerebral vascular disease , mini-stroke or transient ischaemic attack, high cholesterol, a heart murmur, an abnormal heart rhythm arrhythmia.

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Todd Henry. The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice

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