Greenlam provides laminate catalogue to select decorative laminates for your office or home in India. Greenlam offers digital laminate catalogue and different. Awarded the coveted largest laminate exporter from India. Entire range of Greenlam Laminates and. Compact Laminates is Antibacterial. no. Green Product. 7. Consult Greenlam Europe's entire Greenlam Product Catalogue catalogue on ArchiExpo. GREENLAM LAMINATES MILLIONS To foray nto the nortt ol decorative Gmariamisitir -in-urrhhnnring iMtamatcnsI tanas r tanlrtete iteanns to India.

Greenlam Laminates Catalogue India Pdf

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23, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi - , India. Tel: (91) 11 Website: www. –. –. –. –. –. –. –. – exhaustive range of ecofriendly laminates. Greenlam is the market leader in decorative laminates in Asian markets. A brand with a laminates in fascinating colours, textures and patterns inspired by chic and tasteful styles. . requirements of Indian market. A special visual delight. Greenlam Clads - Suppliers of laminated wood cladding materials, both External Check our cladding catalogue for materials & designs of interior and exterior cladding. An industry leader in cladding materials in India, the brand boasts an .

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Members are requested to ratify their appointment for the financial year The Audit Committee quarterly reviews the Internal Audit report. Here are a few other attributes that make our cladding laminate catalogue one of the best in industry.

If you are in the market for premium quality interior and exterior laminate cladding, Greenlam Clads is a name you can trust.

Our unique collection guarantees something for every taste and requirement and our sales representatives can help you to make the right choice.

You can also Send a Message and one of our representatives will get back with you at the earliest. India Turkey Russian.

Be Beautiful on the outside. Be innovative on the inside. Beautify your interiors without compromising on safety.

Antistatic Greenlam antistatic laminates are an ideal choice for areas with a high-risk of electrostatic interference. Our antistatic laminates provides a safe and better environment for furniture or other surface applications in electrostatic high risk areas.

The range helps in draining out static charge, and therefore, is an ideal option for laboratories, hospitals, server rooms and other similar facilities.

Why Greenlam? It takes more than world-class products to be the top laminate company in India.

Here are a few things that makes us stand out: Sustainable Manufacturing Process Greenlam laminates are manufactured through an environment-friendly process that minimizes the impact of production on the environment.These professionals assist us in staying ahead of our counterparts in the industry. Pushpender Chaudhari July 17, Commitment to Nature - Our business is driven by a green conscience and corporate social responsibility with FSC certification.

Greenlam Clads offers a wide range of premium clads manufactured from high pressure compact laminates. Claddings from Greenlam come with special fasteners which are made using non-corrosive materials like stainless steel and aluminum that offer better colour fastening properties.

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