Are the simple reading passages in your French textbook boring you? Have you tried reading the news in French, but found that you crave an actual story?. Get a grip on some essential grammar with the 13 best french. textbook, as a bad one could possibly turn you off from picking up a French book ever again. In this post, you'll discover 5 fantastic French books for beginners to help you to so much vocabulary, it is easy to start reading in French, even as a beginner.

Basic French Book

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Uploaded by: PAMALA Everything Learning French: Speak, Write, and Understand Basic French in No Time! (): Bruce Sallee, David Hebert: Books. Practice Makes Perfect Basic French (Practice Makes Perfect Series) (): Eliane Kurbegov: Books. Berlitz Basic French A complete beginner s conversational course. The bestselling, beginning language course from Berlitz, Berlitz Basic French concentrates.

A qualified French teacher will be able to create a plan specifically tailored to your unique learning style. Whether to learn online or in person is also an important decision. In-person classes can allow for more focus, especially for younger learners.

For older students, online French classes offer flexibility and convenience. Students taking French group classes should be prepared with a notebook and a pencil or pen. If you plan to take private lessons, your teacher may require you to download a textbook. You may also need a binder to organize notes, handouts, worksheets, and exercises.

Additional materials needed will depend on your method of learning. You may need a computer or smart phone if you plan to take lessons online, watch French videos, or listen to French radio shows. Practice your French as often as you can!

Setting aside at least minutes each day to focus on studying French will help ensure the best results. Foreign language learning is difficult to do through cramming all at once. This will reinforce your learning even more. As we mentioned above, practicing French daily is crucial to your success, but what exactly is the most efficient way to practice French? Here are a few great ideas. Some good reads are the popular children's comics Tintin and Asterix et Obelix. If there is a branch near you, go to an event to meet new French speakers.

You can also check out Meetup. Although the most obvious French-speaking country is France, there are quite a few other countries that also speak French, including Belgium, Switzerland, and Haiti. At TakeLessons, our online group classes are a great way to practice your conversation skills with others.

French children's stories

A number of other websites also offer penpal, chat, or video options. Every evening, write down everything you can about what happened during your day - in French only. Do the same when you learn numbers. Keep a set of flashcards with current and past lesson notes vocabulary, verbs, etc.

Whip them out when you have a minute or two for a quick pop quiz. Since French is such a common language, there are dozens of apps to help you learn.

While these apps are an excellent tool for language practice, we recommend using them in addition to taking French group classes or lessons. Nothing can substitute for the one-on-one guidance and correction an experienced teacher can provide.

With that in mind, here are a few of the most commonly recommended apps for practicing your French skills.

Where can I talk to French speakers online? There are many websites that offer opportunities for French language conversations and exchanges. Here are a few of the websites where you can talk to other French speakers.

Learn Basic French Phrases

What countries speak French? Our first ever original tale: A whale and a bird fall in love. Everything is perfect. But the world doesn't stop turning just because a bird and a whale fall in love. Soon they need to fight to stay together.

A story for adults as much as children. Lots of helpful repetition and pork-related vocabulary in this story. This book is the number one best-seller in the French Language Instruction portion of site.

It introduces more than verbs, presented in order of importance. This textbook will give you a foundation for grammar, vocabulary, all while building off itself chapter by chapter.

5 Easy-to-read French Books for French Learners

You can also find this book on VitalSource , a platform that allows you to rent or download e-books you can learn with on the Bookshelf app, along with a variety of other French textbooks, dictionaries, readers and targeted learning material. If you like your books to be a little more flashy, then this may be a better choice than Easy French Step-by-Step , as it has more graphics. Many of the modules focus more on oral interactions, teaching through a performance-oriented approach.

Unlike similar textbooks, its focus is on phrases and vocabulary that gasp! If you are looking for listening exercises very important if you ever hope to understand the French , then make sure you get the supplemental audio to go along with it. Intermediate French can make you or break you, so pick a good companion to help get you through the brush. You may be speaking well by this point, but your reading comprehension and understanding of grammar remains a little shaky.

Idioms and slang aplenty! This book is serious business. En bonne forme is a great reference for all things French grammar, and it goes through the tenses and rules with great examples, explanations and attention to detail. And while watching French movies is certainly a viable way to learn French, sometimes having a more organized approach is best. This textbook does exactly that; it uses French-language films and corresponding texts to help expand your knowledge of culture and vocabulary, with activities that tie it all together.

Cinephiles and Francophiles alike, this may be as fun as textbooks get.

Well, no, not technically, but you sure can learn about the intricacies of grammar oh hey simple past tense and build your vocabulary. This is an anthology of French masterpieces, dating back from the Middle Ages to present day. It also includes pre- and post-reading activities to help you get the most out of each reading. This is the pinnacle of French textbooks.

This reference guide to the nooks and crannies of French usage and style is a whopping pages depending on what edition you get.The grammar and sentence structure are different from English, but simpler. Keep reading to find answers to some frequently asked questions when starting online French classes. Traveling — France is one of the most pleasant countries in Europe to vacation — if you can speak French.

There are many benefits of learning a foreign language like French. Seek out the kinds of genuine places that are out of bounds to non-French speakers. Each chapter is set up in a way that you learn the chapter's words and then have some fun with them with great exercises such as sentence and word vocabulary building.


site Payment Products. Additional materials needed will depend on your method of learning. This beautiful, diverse language is not only spoken in France, but also in Canada, parts of Africa, and many more locations worldwide. Is French hard to learn?

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