Read "Purity A Novel" by Jonathan Franzen available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. A New York Times bestselling. She knows that her real name is Purity, that she's saddled with $ in student debt, that she's squatting with anarchists in Oakland, and. Editorial Reviews. Review. An site Best Book of September Purity site Store · site eBooks · Literature & Fiction.

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download Purity (Portuguese Edition): Read 3 site Store Reviews - Jonathan Franzen's work includes four novels (The Twenty-Seventh City, Purity . Jonathan Franzen Author Jenna Lamia Narrator (). cover image of The. The Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Freedom and The CorrectionsYoung Pip Tyler doesn't know who she is. She knows that her real name is Purity.

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Emma Straub. Act of War. Final Assignment. After asking her mother a final time to help her meet her father so she can try to get him to help with her student loans, Pip decides to go to work for Andreas Wolf, who Annagret has informed her is capable of tracking down her father. The Republic of Bad Taste[ edit ] In Andreas Wolf is 27 and living in East Germany where he acts as a youth councillor for a church, routinely sleeping with the teenage girls he councils.

When one of the teenage girls refuses to have sex with him in the church he brings her to his estranged parents' dacha where he is caught by local police and told never to return. Andreas falls into bitterness. Sometime later he meets a troubled 15 year old, Annagret who is spending her nights at the church because her step-father has begun sexually abusing her. As her mother is a nurse who is addicted to drugs and has been stealing them and her step-father, Host, is a low-level Stasi informant, Annagret does not feel that she can report the abuse as one or both of her parents will be imprisoned thus ruining her life.

Andreas does not know what to do to protect Annagret and offers to kill Host. Annagret is initially dismissive of the idea but after a few days changes her mind.

Andreas tells Annagret to lure her step-father to his parents' dacha and reminisces about his childhood. Born to an English literature professor and a high-level informant he is indulged as a child due to his intelligence and good looks. However as he grows older he realizes that his life is a facade. His mother suffers from bouts of depression and is also sexually promiscuous. When Andreas is a teenager he is sent to a psychiatrist ostensibly due to his excessive masturbation.

In reality Andreas is suffering from depression after a "ghost" approached him and told him that he was Andreas' actual father, a former grad-student of his mother's with whom she had a long affair. Andreas continues to act as a perfect child, but when he is twenty he begins to write poetry. When a poem of his is published which contains an obscene and treasonous acrostic he is protected from jail by his parents but warned that he must either complete the army service he has been avoiding or become estranged from them.

Andreas chooses estrangement.

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Back in Andreas goes through with killing Annagret's step-father. He is surprised when his crime is not uncovered, but eventually comes to believe his father is protecting him. Two years later as the Berlin Wall is about to come down and Wolf is afraid his crime will be exposed as the Stasi files are unsealed.

Andreas approaches his father and arranges for one last favor with the party. Wolf gets access to his Stasi records and those of Annagret's stepfather. While trying to leave with his records he is almost caught before he runs into television cameras and denounces the government, quickly becoming a celebrity dissident, shining "sunlight" on the state's secrets. He then meets an American journalist, Tom Aberant.

Too Much Information[ edit ] Leila Helou is a 52 year old investigative journalist for the Denver Independent, an online newspaper.

Chasing down a story in Texas she finds herself missing Pip Tyler, who works as an intern for DI and who brought Leila the story. Leila is still married to her now paraplegic husband, a creative writing professor, Charles Blenheim, yet is in a long term relationship with the DI founder and editor Tom Aberant.

Enthralled by Pip, and thinking of her as the daughter she never had, Leila pressures Tom into expanding her role and salary. However as Tom becomes enthralled with Pip himself and offers to let her live with him and Leila, Leila becomes jealous of Pip and begins to think the two are engaged in an emotional affair.

Returning from a work trip Leila accuses Tom of wanting to leave her for Pip and is shocked when he reveals that he has discovered that Pip's mother is his ex-wife Annabel and he believes he is Pip's father. Moonglow Dairy[ edit ] Pip goes to work in Bolivia, which she loves, but is dismayed by the bizarre hierarchy at The Sunshine Project where status is determined by proximity to Andreas Wolf.

Andreas tries to pursue Pip sexually claiming to be falling in love with her, and even telling her about the murder of Host, Annagret's stepfather, but although they have sexual encounters Pip refuses to have penetrative sex with him.

At the end of six months Andreas tells Pip that it is impossible to track down her father and suggest her skills lie with investigative journalism. He sends her Denver as Tom is the only other person who knows about Hosts's murder and has Pip install spyware in the DI offices and at Tom's home.

Pip comes to genuinely enjoy working at the Denver Independent with Tom and Leila and, realizing they don't seem to have any agenda regarding Wolf, regrets having installed spyware on Tom's computer.

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After Andreas tells her he is no longer interested in her sexually she threatens him and asks him to undo the spyware. Shortly after Tom fires her having located the spyware and realizing that she is an agent sent by Andreas. He interrogates her as to the identity of her father but as she seems to know nothing he lets her go.

Flashing back to their courtship Tom Aberant remembers when he was a college student at the University of Pennsylvania and editor-in-chief of The Daily Pennsylvanian. Following an unflattering story an art student at Tyler School of Art , about Anabel Laird, Tom, who is still a virgin, falls in love with the difficult and precocious Anabel. Anabel comes from a wealthy family worth hundreds of millions of dollars but refuses any of the family fortune.

Much to Tom's mother's dismay Tom decides to marry Anabel.Garth Risk Hallberg. Colson Whitehead. Emma Straub. How to Be Alone. Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte.

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