CD Wallet, Travelogue DVD. Includes - 9 hours of audio and pdf versions of the accompanying booklets. Learn In Your Car French Complete. Front Cover. Listeners learn pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar of French without the need of a textbook. © Henry N. Raymond (P) Penton Overseas, Inc. Learn in Your Car: Mandarin Chinese, Complete. Textbook and culture notes (PDF) and sixteen audio lessons (PDF). Francolab - Web Site Learn French in Your Car - Spotify. Grammar and vocabulary to.

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What better time to learn french than in the car! Instead of filling your head with mindless commercial radio, you can instead fill it with a new language, and make . Results 1 - 25 of 31 Get the best deal for learn in your car french from the largest online script of yourcurriculum content accessible in user-friendly PDF fomat. Learn in Your Car: Spanish, the Complete Language Course Livre par Henry N. Raymond a été. Learn in Your Car: French, a Complete Language Course.

Learn in Your Car: French, a Complete Language Course

I personally like this involvement. Both Noble and Frobose have good memory techniques built into their programs.

Pimsleur French is excellent for this too. It does mean you have to go back and review on your own.

Conclusion: I gave Learn in Your Car French 4 stars because it is a solid French program without the bells and whistles you get with other courses. Just my opinion, but this combination worked wonders for my French.

Would you try another book from Henry N. I was looking forward to learning useful words, phrases by listening and repeating. I had my doubts based on the fact that I really need to see the words to really get them, but this course promised success without that. This is a sad compilation of stuff!


No wonder Americans think the French don't like us. When you first start learning French, it can all sound like one, long, never-ending word. For all you out there who love the sound of your own voice, then this is your ticket.

Learn French Audio! This nine-hour course is divided into three levels and is pretty straightforward.

Learn French in the car

It pauses to allow you to answer questions, so you can have fun talking to yourself in the car with this one. Recommended for: Those who want to learn French, but are busy being busy.

Behind the Wheel French Everyone loves a French audio course that starts with an accordion!

It also covers quite a lot of idioms. It also concentrates on the most used words in everyday French, which is helpful for obvious reasons.

The 8 Best French Audio Courses and Lessons to Get Your Français Rolling

Recommended for: Learners trapped in a car who want to make up their own sentences. Army Counter Intelligence Corps.

Later on, after introducing his language learning method, he became a world-renowned linguist. And though some claim his accent to be bizarre, I find it and his tone oddly soothing.

As the third student, you participate as he talks with his students and asks them questions. It is like eating an elephant Units 13 - 20, plus Introduction and vocabulary list Units 24 Each French lesson is about 30 to 50 pages in pdf format, and packed with all the basics of learning French.

The course is completely free, and is that used by the Foreign Service Institute of the US State Department to teach French to thousands of its foreign diplomats and diplomatic staff. You only need to regsiter once in the blue box to receive all the emails with links to the 24 Lesson Units.

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This double confirmation ensures that you are approving us to send you these emails. You will receive a link to our website page.The course is completely free, and is that used by the Foreign Service Institute of the US State Department to teach French to thousands of its foreign diplomats and diplomatic staff.

With modern technology and the way travel is booked in advance and everyone speaking English is any venue where either travel takes place or currency gets exchanged, this is pathetic.

Qty Available: Show only see all. FrenchPod FrenchPod has one of the largest collection of French-learning podcasts online. Pimsleur French I, Comprehensive The old staple French course is still doing it's job: Plug these lessons into your car stereo and repeat, repeat, repeat. Erm, there was no story.

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